Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dream Interpretation - Volume 4

Oh it is taking every fiber of my being not to blog the wild desires that my mind was filled with as I dreamed, before I got up this afternoon. I am praying that there isn’t a level of clairvoyance in my genes, for I would be arrested for rape, but I think that it is just the phase that I am in in my life. When I first put down the booze back in 89, I was probably the worst guy to be around, if you so happened to be a woman. So many raging hormones that had been untouched for the 19 years previous, the mere look of a woman would make it embarrassing to stand up. Now I am forced to get out of bed, and face a 5 year old girl every morning, before she hops on the bus to go to Kindergarten, and the only thing daddy can think of, is “Geeze this is gonna hurt when I have my face against the back of the toilet trying to pee!”, and she wants to run up and give me a hug. All men have been at this point in their lives, but I am going on about 3 freakin’ weeks, and my trusty “Dream Journal” is starting to get me more aroused than any copy of Penthouse Letters ever has.

It’s hard to believe, I am sure for all of you to know, that I am actually a prude. I have always found my own sexuality lacking, and have spent absolutely no time really exploring it. In the form of blogs over the last few months, I have tattled on myself in various forms, be it my wanton lust for certain things, or my amazing desires for others. I have made light of most of them, and I have been downright rude on others. I have also shared two rather erotic {to me at least} stories of dreams that I have had, and I joined a dirty group {teeheehee} to live out some other interesting aspects of my nature. I have also met some amazingly beautiful ladies throughout my 360 adventure, who have stimulated my “little brain” a lot more than I am used to {don’t think that I don’t have HUGE amounts of gratitude for THAT}, and of course as I am sitting here awash in the amazing dreams that I just woke up from there is a part of me that is saying, “should I just go and share this stuff every morning or does it get old quick?”, but in my mind I know that it is my blog, and I will be left with whatever decisions I am left to endure on my own. I am going to leave you all with a little teaser … Mostly because I want to help Night Owl in her quest to get us all thrown off of 360, and also because I want to damnit!!

The coffee shop, that I often sit, to drown my thoughts in the beautiful ladies who walk by everyday, in their “less than conservative” business skirts, is making me purr today. The coffee in my hand is far from enjoyable on it’s own, as I am staring at the beautiful scenery. It was at that moment that you entered into the picture. Yes I know you, and I have seen inside your mind, but today you are looking ever so delicious, as you saunter up to my table and sit across from me without a word. Immediately I fumble through nervous conversation, and my clumsy way of talking, at the moment brings a very enticing smile to your beautiful lips. Your shy nature, despite your outward demeanor, is creating a very small blush as you are looking at me, as I am looking at you. The longing and the staring are parted only be my need to look under the table at your gorgeous legs that you have so coyly crossed under the table. My eyes have to take their time to wander as you are breathtaking today. Accidentally, I am sure, you hike your skirt up just enough to show me that you are wearing stockings instead of hose, and you now have my mind wandering, but your foot has started glancing my calf. That is not accidental, and I appreciate the attention. Our hands embraced across the table, we start our little “staring contest” to see who can hold out the longest, and the way you run your tongue along your lips is inviting to say the least.

We are indeed talking, and our minds are taking in everything that is being said. It’s sexy in a way that our thoughts are filling our every intention, and the feeling out process is going along so nicely. Both of our nervousness, is apparent above the table while our intent is becoming rather known beneath it. Such public displays of affection usually so embarrassing to watch, are becoming ever so enjoyable to create. The foot, the beautiful foot is still ever so caressing me, and bringing my mind to a place where the dark thoughts and the romantic thought frolic in and end game I know nothing about, and I find it very hard not to moan my way through the dark desire that I am feeling for you. Should I be so bold, as to comment on your eyes? Should I wander off to the places that they are inviting me? Should I see if those lips are as sweet to touch, as they are to watch? Can I hold out in some desperate attempt to be a gentleman?

The clatter and rustle of the people that are moving and talking, and relating all around us is like a symphony of calming music, as it all just blends into the background. I haven’t a clue as to whether another person exists besides you and I anyway, as I gently raise your hand to kiss it. It is an attempt to finally touch my lips to part of you, although my mind has been envisioning it over and over again, in much more enjoyable places. I am absolutely smitten as always with your beauty, and I am starting to get the feeling, as your foot gets so much more playful under the table that you are believing my yearning, as our coffee has gotten cold, our blood has gotten hot, and all we have left to do, is figure out the place to continue this, for it is definitely not going to finish here. ;8o)

Question … Two Part … Simple Yes Or No on the first … Should I discontinue the dirty dreams in blog form? …. If you would please share some of the “little things” that excite you. … Keeping in mind that I don’t want the trashy details, I want the little enticements like, blushing, or the way a persons lips move, etc. … Have a great day everyone :D