Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Dream Interpretation - Volume 2

Well, I have been getting a LOT of dreams to interpret lately, and for those of you asking about the filthy ones … um NO … not in here anyway, but I will give you a rather unique dream that I had a couple of weeks ago. The last {and until now only} time I did a “Dream Interpretation” blog, I ended up with an e-mail friend from the UK, that I share dreams with, and we pick at them. She is the “Specialist” and I am the “Amateur”, but we compare notes, and surprising enough, I am usually right. Simple Psyche 101 logic is the key to it all, in my book. She has more of the Metaphysical basis for her teachings. Many years she was doing this, until she became one of my favoritest Buffy Buddies {an old joke meaning anyone that I met outside of the FOBW room, since I had a propensity to hang out in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rooms on Yahoo, and change my nick to Angelis … lol}, and we kinda-sorta became a duo. I am encouraging her to start a Dream Interpretation Group {Since I already own one, and moderate two others}, for us to get more dreams to feed off of.

Over the last few months, I have dedicated some free time to getting to know the science {yeah science … lol} of dreaming, and manipulation of dreams. Even some of the earliest recorded civilizations, used to have Shamans {for lack of a better word} who would, be responsible for waking people up, the minute they saw REM {Rapid Eye Movement} sleep had ended, just so that they could “hear about the future”, and it is no wonder that disturbed sleep brings out the most vivid dreams in all of us. Many people think that their dreams are merely a cause of restless sleep, but it is merely a symptom of being woken suddenly, as the dream is still fresh in your mind. I had a very hard time sleeping last week, and Leora {my friend} had a great time with all of the dreams I could produce, due to lack of a full 4 hours {sleeping in 3’s gives you VERY vivid dreams} of sleep. Here is a great example of one …

I was sitting in front of congress, and I could tell that something really important was going on. It was like being on a huge trial, and I ascertained that it probably was rather quickly. The only faces that I could remember seriously, were of many politicians that I really couldn’t stand. It was obvious, that I was not happy internally with what was going on in this scenario, simply by the fact that the ones I hated looked rather delighted by what they were seeing in front of them, and that NEVER means good things. The Fat Red Nosed Bastard from Massachusetts, was the first one I could remember talking, and I had nothing but Venom stirring in me. My usual smugness, and quick temper, was finding the right passive aggressive yet cerebrally caustic thing to say, even though I knew I could not, and this in turn was bringing forth some very hard to control rage in me.

We ended up arguing over my faith and principals, as he would see them being a hindrance to the job at hand. {I am not listing the exact wording of everything, as I find it way to hard to type out his accent properly, and also it doesn’t really relate at the moment} I was defending myself as politely as I could, and after a while my own rancor was becoming self defeating. I was not prepared to stand in judgment by a man that I find to be totally distasteful, in what I would consider a “real world” scenario. His own abuses of the human race are just daunting, and I had all of them flashing through my mind. I was infuriated over his divorce and annulment to a woman who had his children. Even if he panders to all of the Irish Catholics every time he goes up for re-election. The death he could have, most likely prevented, had he not been embarrassed over his infidelity, which coincidentally was going on at the same time. My comments back started off very polite and subdued and in turn ended up becoming more pointed, and harsh. He wasn’t the last, but unfortunately he was the most vivid. I also had to field comments from the “I steal Money From Old People, but Will Pretend That All Of You Do It” senator from Arizona, but for some reason I was able to hold my composure to all of his broken record questions, and the same went true for the “I was a Recruiter for the Klan” senator from West Virginia. In all reality, the only ones who asked questions of course were the ones that I had hostile feelings toward for their hypocrisy, but I took the most offense to the one who actually tried to justify my faith, and morals being a bad thing.

It was a sobering experience as I woke up. 3 hours on the button, as a matter of fact. The version that Leora got was MUCH longer, and more detailed of course. Colors are very important to her, and she has done a good gob explaining a lot of them to me. So I noted that everyone had on red ties, red scarves, red whatever, and the dream was tinged a little red. This always signifies anger, or jealousy, and usually both together. Sometimes you can remember smells, but I had none really, even though I made a joke about smelling liquor on the Senator from Massachusetts, it was merely in jest. The end result produced this with her … although I cleaned up the spelling and grammatical errors a little … lol … love ya …

You are lost in a situation, that makes you feel you are being judged. Your emotional bindings continue to tell you that you are the one screaming the truth. You feel some of the people you are involved with, are simply fake. You can not tolerate them anymore. You actually know this, as the dream seems to be swaying toward a more acceptable way of dealing with your feelings. You are still lingering toward those that mean you no good. You are trying to decipher what is wrong, and justifiably wrong. I believe that you are confused, by the things that are being said. You want to do the right thing, but it isn’t exactly obvious what the right thing is. That is why you were so angry when your beliefs were attacked. You are definitely angry AND jealous, because there is a LOT of red. Next time smell something other than liquor you lush.

This was almost identical to what I saw. Another important note, was that I was really jealous that she had a dirty dream that night {since I get hers when I wake up because she gets up several hours before me … I did NOT call her a sick f*cker as she always does me though!}, and she WOULD NOT let me post it. In the end, this was very typical of my week a few weeks ago, and most of it has already worked itself out. I did use what she told me as reasoning for a lot of my decisions that week, and you know what? My life got better, and my dreams got hornier. This is always a sign that I did well. If I get around to another dream interpretation blog I think I will post the colors, that we have seen fit to decipher as our guidelines, but trust me, this stuff is a lot of fun. ;8o)