Tuesday, October 4, 2005

A Day in the Life of Jeremy Crow - Volume 1

I awoke from the dreams, the amazing dreams, to a beautiful morning. I quietly kissed miss Polly on the forehead, as I went to my computer to blog, post, read, and comment. First it was the incredibly filthy dream that I have been having for days now. I write it in an e-mail and send it to my friend whom I share dreams with {she‘s been sending her responses, and saying "first of all let me tell you that you are fucking sick", so I know they have been damn good}, and then I, of course, edit it up and send it on to my adult Yahoo Group {why waste good material yanno, I have already admitted I have issues, and as I have always said “To kiss something to God, it can‘t be a secret“}. I then drive to Dunkin Donuts to get Ice Coffee for myself, and make sure that Polly has one for when she wakes up. I then go to read the e-mail that I have received while I was asleep. The blog entry was submitted for approval, the comments were read, the e-mail was answered, the blogs of my friends were read, the comments I had were placed neatly underneath the entries of others. It seems like a rather mundane existence to some, but as I always say, my shit is my shit. {note that the little stars are not strategically placed where the vowels once were as this is going to be another one of THOSE blogs}. I was happy to see as always that I brightened a few peoples day, in my blog entries, my various group posts, and the other sundry things that I have to say in e-mails. I also take my usual great delight at how my long-windedness, can at times make some pissed off, and others joke about it. As always ha ha ha ha fuck you. It isn’t my wishes to please all, just my wishes to get MY shit out. When it brings smiles to others I find added benefits.

I was VERY pissed off as the day went on to see that a few of my friends had their blogs totally stripped, either on purpose, or a horribly misplaced accident by Yahoo, but I was unable to participate much in that discussion, as I had already spent a good portion of my weekend trying to help people with their messaging woes. I had it brought to my attention that the Tooth Fairy forgot to come, and this of course meant I fucked up really good this time. Polly saved my ass big time on this one as she took a piece of paper and wrote a note “

Dear Darius, I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to get to your house last night. A lot of kids lost their teeth, and I was really busy. Please forgive me … The Tooth Fairy” and told me to place it on his pillow with a dollar for when he got home from school. Superdaddyman’s faithful sidekick, has officially saved his ass yet again. With that I assist the lovely Miss Pureheart to her vehicle, for her rather long pilgrimage, back to her home, and I am ready to deal with my next task, to worry about Captain ADHD getting to a Psychiatry appointment, and doing the whole prescription thing etc etc etc. {Mental notes for this include the fact that I am rather thought fondly of by the various women waiting around to see their Psychiatrists (go figure I am such an issues magnet), and as always I find it very hard to ignore the one with the amazing set of legs, and the very short skirt. I don’t know what issues SHE is here for but the way she adjusts herself the whole time she stares at me I think it might be the same as my second wife’s … geeze! Who’s here for the issues anyway? Ok back to what I was talking about, but first, I also must admit that sometimes Captain ADHD can be downright adorable, when he is being so Bi-Polar, I have a hard time not smiling even when he is talking to a doctor about his anger}, this of course adds to my very busy life, but I was able to come home, and join in with the choir about the whole Yahoo going to shit issue. {Mental Note #2 … If my friends blogs that I so dearly care about reading and commenting on keep disappearing (by anomalous glitches of course … blah), I am sooooooo willing to take “THIS” show on the road to Hi5 or Friend Zone}, but again he is off with the digressing. My time is worth spending on my blogs and my posts, and my friends blogs etc etc etc, because it MAKES ME HAPPY DAMNIT! I am willing to go where it is appreciated … lol … ok now.

Back at the Superdaddyman cave, I am trying to help my oldest daughter “Lazius Boycrazius” with her homework, as a risqué IM pops up … oy vey {fortunately Superdaddyman is quuuuiiiiiiiiiiccckkkkkkkk} and it goes along with the one that popped up when Polly Pureheart was sitting here {she’s quicker, but fortunately accepts her boyfriend’s issues … lol}, and again, Superdaddyman is thrust into his playtime in front of the computer before he has to go off to the Pink Mafia Headquarters for a wonderful 10 hours of babysitting {Mental Notes #3 … Some people never change, as I think I may never truly get along with the lazier element in this world …My workplace needs an enema!}, and then a leisurely drive home with an Ice Coffee. Too early in the morning to be able to gawk at women walking down the street in skirts, as that was the usual entertainment on my trip home when I worked days, oh well. I am feeling pretty good, so I might as well head to the gym for some more blog material. Since my stupid injury I am still forced to use the stupid Cybex machines with the ladies, but it beats NOT lifting at all. The notable moment was when a local radio personality, that I work out with {I actually was his personal trainer many years ago, before I decided being a personal trainer was for people who didn’t have anger management issues .. lol}, walked by me singing “It’s the Final COUNTDOWN!” and laughing at me, which got the response, “You chicken-fucker, I knew you read my blogs, if you talk about it on the radio, I’ll steal your fuckin girlfriend!”, which I just don’t think scared him as much as I had hoped it would.

The point of this whole entry being the acceptance of a very busy life, that is actually more active than I portray. Some comment that I couldn’t possibly have time for all of this crap {meaning long blog entries, and many group postings} , and I guffaw at them. The people who I know online and off, the stories I tell, the fantasies I share, the truth I try to display at all times {although I spare you all from the gory details that I am pretty sure I masturbate a lot more than I should too}, and the duties I actually have to perform as Superdaddyman, lead me to a very wonderful basket that is Jeremy. I have said it before, but I am saying it again, BECAUSE IT IS MY FUCKING BLOG, that I thank God daily that I have all of this. Every one of you reading this blog needs to understand, once and for all, that you are weaves in my complicated basket, and without any of you, without my writings, without YOUR writings in particular, without the other evil bullshit off of this PC that interfere with my blogging damnit!, I am no longer Jeremy. This is important because I absolutely adore Jeremy today ;8o)