Saturday, September 10, 2005

Things You Learn When You Write A Blog - Volume 3

And on the first day he created BLOG! It is an amusing little anecdote that crossed my mind, as I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or really why I was doing it on July 15, 2005 when I wrote my first ever blog entry on my brand spanking new Yahoo 360 page. I am admittedly a dork. A shut in of sorts as I am a single father of three kids that are so vast in age difference, that I often found myself hiding downstairs on my PC playing in the FOBW chat room. After a short day of watching the cartoon characters abusing each other I decided to see what was in my brand spanking new Yahoo Beta, because I couldn’t stand another minute of that stupid room at the time. The rest is kinda documented … day by day in the blogs that proceeded. Here’s the real interesting stuff though that was happening behind the scenes, and why it came to be.

My first blog was a nightmare {and it is still there btw} where as it was totally taken wrong by so many. Factions formed to tear me apart, or bring me up, depending on the mood. My ex {the sick one} was furious that I spoke kindly of the other one {the beautiful one} and she got as many people as she could to simply attack me. I couldn’t get rid of the entry because there was no delete feature, at the time, so I wrote another one days later to hide the first one. I used what I know … humor … to hide behind. “Things You Learn With A Bad Back - Volume 1” was simply a duck and cover routine, so that people would stop getting angry at me for putting “Personal Crap” in my profile, and it was also a swipe at the people who thought it was their business. Since then, I have at least learned to simply stop defending myself to people who just think I am an ass or a know it all. Hate me … I don’t care, there are enough people who like me, and my time is better served with them. Besides most of it is predicated by what I talked about in yesterdays blog anyway (which btw … inspired a few very loud tirades about what a moron I am all over again … cool)

The very next day, a woman I had never talked to really started talking to me in the room about how she loved that entry. I shall call her “The Singing Nurse” {Ok that is her real nickname on Yahoo, but she nailed her perfect codename herself so why should I mess with it} and we immediately became friends. In time I had a 360 friend, and I had talked her into blogging. I was also excited about writing, for the first time in over 5 years. Other people started coming along, all from my usual “inner circle” around the FOBW room, but I was happy that a buzz about my blogging was forming, and almost instantly her friends started becoming my friends … and I thank God and her for that … I don’t know where my life would be without the “Native Goddess From Birch Beer Land” or “Oh Crap I Called Her Susan Again” who have become MUST READS if I want to be even keeled at the end of a long day.

My 360 list got pretty large, thanks to a rather large competition that went on amongst {mostly women} in the inner circle of our end of the Blogosphere. A popularity contest of sorts, but little did they know that when they were adding me to make thier lists bigger … mine was too. I didn’t mind, as 360 {thank goodness} has been becoming my chat alternative, and my serenity has been growing daily. Many nights I often just go blog hopping for at least an hour each night. Start at a friend and just go from blog to blog until I totally get lost. It has been uplifting as I see my little corner of cyberspace expanding, but the greatest gifts that I have had in a very long time started happening to me a couple of days ago. A particular person who’s blog I had just been reading the day before while blog hopping, actually asked ME to join her 360. Other than a small series of clicks that would have had to be in an exact order out of about 4000 possible combinations, there really would have been no other reason that either of us would have known that we existed. It just so happened to get into my 360 page from one of the first friends, friends. It was a miracle really, because as I had completely remembered her from an article she posted on a picture she took of a pair of boots. It was the type of “weird” that I have always loved in a human being. It never crossed my mind to add her, and I guess a higher intervention prevailed.

I still haven’t actually talked to her in any manner whatsoever, except she did leave a really cool comment on a blog entry of mine, but let me just prattle a little longer on why this is just incredible. Within 25 minutes of her adding me, another person, I had NEVER heard of in any way asked to add me. The only thing we had in common, was that the football team he is obsessed with humiliated mine in the 96’ Super Bowl, but I accepted immediately {hey as I said, fate was working here yanno} and when I finally scoured his site {because I totally scour through EVERY site on my 360 list … I love it so much} I found a link, that could explain his knowing I was alive … he was a member of the same Yahoo Group that the other new friend had started … OK now … I am meeting cool new people, AND I am involved in a huge mystery that is just making my entire night EXCITING!!! So I joined the Yahoo Group … and guess what happened next? A different moderator of the group was the one to accept my application, and then asked me to join her “other” Yahoo Group, and then asked to link 360 pages. I ended up with a few more new friends before the night was through.

I’m sure that it all seams really stupid to many of you reading this, but I was having a lot of fun really. I started reading messages from the new Yahoo Groups, and started reading new friends blogs. Most of the people that have been finding me lately, and their friends do a more “Pose a question and let everyone else entertain me types”, but there is also a really cool guy, who uses a Daily Picture of himself to explain his mood” approach which is really really cool too. I found myself reading and commenting for HOURS, throughout my new friends, and their friends blogs. It was the most fun I have had with a computer, that didn’t involve pornography in a very long time. No chatting, no searching for things … much really … all I was doing was enjoying the company of people who I never would have had the balls to go out and meet myself. The miracle of reaching out beyond self, has made my entire day today {Friday as I write this} just reflecting on what a wonderful time these people gave me, without even knowing they gave it to me … until now.

I am such a lucky man, I have the ability to find strength in the arms of total strangers, and allow them to help me be a happier Jeremy today, and for that I will have gratitude, and hope that I can return the favor some day. I also have gratitude because I have the 8th child support check in 3 years sitting on my desk in front of me, and as I usually do {since it is such an incredibly rare treat}, I am going to take these ridiculously evil bastahds {Nooooo Hampshah speak for …they keep finding me when I try to leave them at Wal-Mart}, and take them out to dinner … For those that help me to be happy today {and that means almost everyone on my 360 List … Thank You. :8o)