Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things You Learn From Your Co-Workers - Volume 3

Ok, to be fair, I must first tell you about some of the cast of characters that will be entering, my little blog story right now. You all have already met King George {said with approval, as his Catholic background didn’t appreciate the Pope comments … sheesh}, and now I shall introduce the other 2 participants. There is Billy, the General manager of the plant, who usually ,means well, but isn’t always in the loop on a lot of things, and then there is Sam, the Vice President, of operations. I will say a few things to let Sam off the hook immediately, as King George got him to read my blog this morning, which prompted him to comment … lol … You see Sam WAS NOT the VP when I had my injury, and as a matter of fact he didn’t come into the picture, until several weeks later. Sam spends an UNUSUAL amount of time talking to me about EVERYTHING, in the plant, and I had started {apparently} to become one of his favorite people in the plant. He didn’t actually know how this story was going to end despite his actual part that he played, as he was sitting in the room. He did mention that King George had told him that I would be honest, so he trusts me. And away we go ….

I did exactly what all of you pretty much assumed I was going to do, I totally lost it. I flipped my lid on the other side of that door, and I used the type of language that I often try not to use {Oh My God King George just direct connected me to ask me to go get something from one of the coater operators, because he forgot I left … roflmao … sorry story break}, and it was LOUD and FOUL, and I was just bug eyed and FURIOUS! When I was done with my complete temper tantrum, I eyed all three of them, with a look of “Oh yeah … I told you” when Sam finally decided to speak up. Mind you now, he let me go through my little fit without so much as an interruption, or a dirty look.

“Ok, I completely understand where you are coming from, and I would have done the exact same thing you did, if I were in your position. I know that you understand that Denise is simply doing what she feels is her job, and it actually is, but she could have done it with a little more tact. I assure you that we were sitting here discussing your future with the company, and I am VERY sorry that I didn’t put an end to all of the foolishness, that followed your injury. I was trying to adjust to the new position, and you actually were a priority as soon as it could be addressed. I am sorry on behalf of the company, and I am sorry that I was not taking care of this sooner. This WOULD NOT have gotten this far had I known any of it.”, and with that I started feeling about 14 inches tall, because after all I am horribly co-dependant, and everything is always my fault. “As it was explained to me, the problem was that YOUR shift was moved from days to nights, and you stayed on days after your injuries, because of family commitments, and a few anger management problems you were having with your other shift, anyway. I still brought it to Billy and Denise’s attention that I felt regardless of how your position had technically changed, you are still doing your old job, and I have a proposal for you.”

The proposal boiled down to this. He asked me very kindly if I would mind going to the night shift, and taking over some operations that they just can’t get ANYONE to do, and I happen to be the company pro at. There is going to be a substantial pay increase and a 15% shift differential, which would all total out to almost 4$ an hour, but if I chose to stay on days instead, I would be given 1$ an hour immediately anyway, but unfortunately there was no higher positions available on the shift. He of course again apologized, and said specifically, “I really appreciate your help with my entering the company, and I promise that things are going to change. I also understand that you are probably still angry at a lot of the people you will be going to work with again, since it was their neglect that played a very large part in your injury, but I assure you, YOUR place in the company is a lot more secure then theirs are, since I have judged who is a worker and who isn’t. You will have full supervisory privileges to deal with anyone as you see fit” and although I heard what he was saying, I still hated that word “supervisor”, as it totally is NOT ME to be one, and it never has, his amazing ability to sense these things in people came out, as he added “I know you don’t like actually being a supervisor, and you think you failed at it before, but I watch you everyday, and YOU HAVE what it takes, and I wish I had several more like you. Unfortunately I don’t so I really need you to help me out here …. Please?”, and with that I responded with the only word I had … “Yes”.

He asked me if I had any questions, but to be totally honest with you I didn’t, he answered absolutely everything I could have asked, while he was talking, and with the “Yes” he had been looking for he left. I was left alone with the other two, and they started talking about football almost the second he left, but I had to ask the question, “What was that all about?”, which was quickly replied to by King George as “He like you because you explain everything, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. You even learn other languages, just to communicate better without bitching about how others should just learn English. I think he thinks you are just like him at his age, and I really started to think he was going to fire us.” which both of them started laughing about, but then Billy threw in his two cents finally and said “I thought the same thing. I was happy to see him happy.”

I actually was rather shocked about what happened as I truly feel that nobody ever learns sh*t from me, and all I ever do, most of the time is repeat myself. I spent today, trying to train my newest Capo in the Pink Mafia, who I replaced Iris with a couple of weeks ago {I picked a 60 year old man this time … lol … but I loved his spunk}, and as I was taking him around showing him this and that, I said to him, “You’ll do fine as King George’s right arm, he isn’t that hard to deal with really, it’s all these other idiots you have to look out for. Just stand your ground, and give it right back to them”, which made him laugh, as he looked at me, and said “Or I could do what you do, and treat this place like a circus even when I am following the elephant with a shovel!” which I told him, I owed him a quarter for that. ;8o)