Friday, September 2, 2005

The Best Of Jeremy Crow - Volume 1

Ok … I am just to damn lazy to write anything original today, so I figured I would do a best of page, but I am giving it a little twist, as I am only doing the best of comments that I have added to other peoples blogs, and a few comments that have been added to mine. This should show a general smattering of my insanity as I fish through everyone else’s blogs. This idea hit me, as I am now starting to tell people to read other peoples blogs, just so they can see my comments. I have so many issues! TGIF everyone.

In response to a blog from “The Babe Just South of Here” when she was commenting on how bad the people drive in her state …. “Well ... see ... I told you the Massachusetts state bird was the middle finger ... you see every Massachusetts car surrounded by them ... The good news is that if you were driving in Connecticut I think you can actually get pulled over for driving the speed limit in the far left lane ... it's the minimum speed lane I think ... ack ... Move to Tennessee, where if they don't like ya they just rear end ya real hard, and you see a big ol' good ol' middle finger looking at you in the rear view ... :D”

In response to a blog from “The Green Mountain Goddess” when she was commenting on using her good trash bags to move her boyfriend out … “I often find that if I draw during a meeting that I actually hear whet is being said ... occupy the eyes, and the ears are free to listen I guess. You should have gone out and dumped the trash in your old garbage bags into a trash can, and then used them ... check with me next time, I am after all an expert on moving people out of my life :D”

In response to a blog from “The Farmers Daughter from the Big Flower” when she was showing off her “humble” roots … “Boring ... I was peeing myself ... Hey maybe you can answer a very important question that has been killing me for years ... If you get a divorce in West Virginia are you still cousins?? Do you have to remarry into the family to get your last name back?? Ok ... see I have many more for other Blogs ... I live near Maine ya know :D”

In response to a blog from “The Beautiful One” when she was talking about acceptance … “When the man pushes his baby carriage out into traffic with his two other children hanging off of him, no cross walk mind you, and then proceeds to start swearing at everyone at the top of his lungs, because HE has the right of way ... 3 children I must pray for, because the police are probably never going to save them from what they have already learned ... but I have been having one of those days as well. Unfortunately everyone in this world has thier own higher power, and I AIN'T IT ... damnit, but that doesn't mean that I can't look at the people around me at times, and just say ... Thank God I am better than that, or Thank God I have the ability to learn from that ... f*** acceptance ... it's the tolerance I hate ... Love ya Mean it :D”

In response to a blog from “The Silly Princess Out West” as she was talking about a dream she had that just so happened to involve my favorite subject … ME … “Well if it were my dream parse' it would have had nurses in it that's for sure, and probably a lot of cots, and other sleazier places to lay down, and we all know the humor came from me trying to talk dirty to any of you women .... oh wait, I am supposed to help you with your dream, not start my own ... OK now ... perhaps it is the agony in keeping a secret that you wish to divulge because we are all human after all, and the confusion of it all "being in the know" has created a shadow world to which you walk in a state of semi darkness, based on the knowledge that you have ... bet you're really confused now huh? ... now back to the dream editing ... were there any really short skirts on the nurses, and if so were they wearing anything that would have caught my attention, perhaps with little lines up the back ... oh darn it ... bad Jeremy ... and if only to satisfy the absolute attention grabber in me, I might want to hint that you are obviously totally in love with me, and that is ok ... because so am I, who could blame you really? :D”

AND THE GREATEST ONE OF ALL from a blog by …. {new code name} “Holy Crap I thought That Was My Ex For A Second There!” when she was talking about the nasty L word … “OMG I am absolutely peeing myself!!!! That is sooooooo what I went through with my girlfriend now only far sicker ... you see I had to spend weeks trying to convince her that I was way too sick for anyone ... then I accidentally told her I loved her, which I had to blindly deny for a few days ... then of course the convincing that I was way too sick again ... lol ... needless to say, some people are just meant for each other ... that poor girl absolutely earned me, and I sooooooo appreciate her for it ... but I am just giggling like a 14 year old right now ... thank you ... Love ya Mean It :D {oh I guess I should say that a lot of why the poor girl I am dating now had to deal with that stuff is the other reason I am laughing which is ... before her 6 months of dating would have meant married for the last two LOL}”

The moral to this blog really is … watch what you ask for … wanting blog comments might land you something like one of these ;8o)