Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Update on the 17th Year - Volume 1

So today’s edition of "As the Blog turns" is brought to you on location from beautiful Cape Neddick Maine. I am at one of my bestest friends house, who for the sake of giving her a silly code name, we will call her "The Looney Lefty Lesbian" like I actually do in real life. I really enjoy assigning code names to people in my Blogs , it makes them feel special, anonymous, and appreciated, while at the same time gives me a chuckle as I write my passages every day. Of course I discovered the fun in all of this when I dubbed one of my bestest online friends, "The Silly Princess out West", and she really enjoyed the title. While on the subject I have also had a great enjoyment seeing the one I shall now call "My Wildest Fantasies" bringing up "The Beautiful One" all the time as well. Ok so today I am actually having some fun talking about talking. For me this is pretty much accomplished by typing, and I’ll explain why while I do my sick form of online name dropping along the way. I have quite a few people now on my cell phone, not because I actually call them …. Hell NO …. My closest friends know that I am ridiculously phone phobic, and I have some seriously poor people skills to boot. If you have talked to me on the phone, then you should know that you are very very special. Special beyond a fleet of yiddle buses, as a matter of fact, and you can also attest to my low talking skills, as well. Mind you this comes into play as I mention something that "Mi Bella from Mizzurah" said to me yesterday about my hiding behind humor. I have ALWAYS admitted this openly. People don’t actually scare me, which is obvious by the fact that I give out my address freely and dare people to come visit me for free bar-b-q anytime, but I scare me. My own insecurities about my foot in mouth disease, have ruined so many phone conversations, that it almost makes my relationship with the opposite sex woes seem passive. Yet thanks to my cell phone text messaging abilities, many people end up with humorous ditties from me all day long.

Now IM through Yahoo is another case scenario, I have about 50 people on my messenger list, and I PM and am PMed constantly, as well as hanging out in the FOBW room every day. I have no problem turning my cam on, and even stripping at times {said with a grin} but many have noted that I am NOT heard on the mic very often. Please keep in mind that the sound of my own voice, makes me ill, and I would never want to interfere with the boring, tedious, phone call sounding conversations that you couldn’t get a word in edgewise on anyway. I guess that I won’t do any name dropping on that one. See text saves me from me, again. In all reality, I turn the mic down unless I know there is music on, or I don’t see the nicks of the asinine people and other vapid babblers next to the feed meter. Once in a great while they do surprise me though.

Now there are the few other people who if I don’t hear from them at least once every couple of days, I end up looking for, because I would hate to lose them in my little chat universe. Besides my "Silly Princess Out West" there is "The Farmers Daughter From the Big Flower", "The Misguided Liberal from Derbyland", "My Long Lost Sistah from Joisey", and of course "The Babe from Just South of Here" to name a few.

The serious issue at hand is why I actually go into my little chat escape on a daily basis, and that is simpler than most people think. The burdens of SingleDaddyMan require me to find human contact at times without actually leaving the house. Three evil’s keeps me pretty busy, and despite my many attempts to escape from them in general, they always seem to find me, tie me up, and bring me home again, demanding food, or clothing or something else. Because of many State laws that prevent me from tying them up and going out at night, chat has become a good source of entertainment for me. As I always say, I hang out in the chat rooms because some of the people there amuse me, but I do hope that this cartoon character amuses some of you at times as well. ;8o)