Saturday, August 27, 2005

Things You Learn When You Write A Blog - Volume 2

Here's proof that some threads never die, they just go away for a while, and are just waiting to come back at a later time. Here it is Saturday morning, and I am writing my blog entry that I so desperately wanted to do yesterday, but never could get around to because I was completely overwhelmed with IM’s and children wreaking havoc throughout my house. There have been times in my online existence that I swore, I could just sink into the floor at any moment, and nobody would notice. I usually make a joke of this, as there have been certain times in the day in the FOBW room, and my IM list that I just call invisibility moments. I of course, end up over trying to be noticed, like a sad little Bart Simpson jumping around yelling “Look at me, Look at me!!“ and usually end up with someone telling me that I am the only one who thinks I am funny, or in turn am laughing at my own jokes. This is usually during those times, when one of the “other” more notable room flirts are around, and it is impossible for everyone to divert their attention between 2 or 3 of us. There are others {like yesterday} where my popularity is so amazingly overwhelming that I cannot satisfy that ridiculous need to people please. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the attention, and sometime in the next few days I will be invisible again, and crying in my coffee about it, one of the many rewards of co-dependency.

Lately I have been in the room less, as my blogging time is eating up much more of my sociable online allowance. Although I do write a rather long winded blog entry everyday, I read every one of the blogs that are attached to me through 360 as well, and man have they been good. Anyone who started blogging because of me, or have linked themselves to me along the way have at the very least gotten one dedicated fan, and that would be me, as well. The most fun that I have been having with the whole “As the Blog Turns” concept of this side of me, is linking many of the people I truly care about, for whatever sick reason I see fit, to my blog through codenames. At last count I think there are over 2 dozen of you intertwined throughout my blogs in one way or another, and I am proud that you all have managed to figure out who you are. The best gift though are the “new” trail of online friends who found me through the blog, as we weren’t really in sync throughout the broken merry go round, but were desperately in need of each other, so God linked us this way.

I would like to steal a little line of thought from a woman I have absolutely no contact with anymore. I think she didn’t ever really existed, except for the illusion of her that once lived in the FOBW, and for the most part all that she ever did for me was create enemies. She was one of those predatory people who lurked in the room and made up stories, to whatever end she was trying to achieve, and despite all of the enemies that she inflicted upon me in the end, I did end up with a very good analogy, that I am going to co-opt for the purposes of my own ego, and hopefully help everyone understand what I am getting at today. Don’t worry though I am going to give “The Fairy Tale from Arizona” full credit for telling me this one ahead of time. She said that she got this from her sponsor, which I will take at face value, despite the evidence that she never really let the facts get in the way of a good line of BS.

In our lives we treat our existence like a large woven basket. Every person who adds to the basket that is us are what we should be calling our basket weavers, and I have compiled a small list in my heart of the people who have helped create the basket that is Jeremy. Carefully meshed together the some of my parts are what make me whole, and I couldn’t make it through life without all of you, There are the people who give me the weavings necessary for strength {like … My Long Lost Sistah from Joisey, The Misguided Liberal from Derbyland, The Babe from Just South of Here, and The Silly Princess out West to name a few}, there are weavings to make my basket colorful {like …. My Wildest Dreams, and My Wildest Dreams - Southern edition, The Native Goddess from Birch Beer Land, The Farmers Daughter from the Big Flower, and The Green Mountain Goddess to name a few more}, then there are the unique strands that give me hope {like …. Mi Bellah from Mizzurah, The Beautiful One, The A-hole in El Lay, and many many others}, and lastly there are the weavings that are just there and at times I am not happy that I know them at all, but other times, I might have actually learned something from them {The sick bitch who gave me the basket analogy, and the people who hate me because of her, and probably a lot of the other fake ass losers that have come along of course} but without any {and all} of these parts, I am not the person you know, and some of you might actually love.

If you pass me on the internet, and for some ungodly reason I seem occupied, please don’t take it the wrong way, I probably am occupied. If you are able to reach me in an IM, then you are actually a very special person to me. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have made it onto my IM list, or my 360 list at all. Unfortunately Singledaddyman, has to save a lot of the world at times, and loves each and every one of you, just for being who you are! ;8o)