Wednesday, August 24, 2005

From The Desk Of The Jeremy Crow R & D Department - Volume 1

Ok so I decided that today, should be one of those days where I actually made things happen for a change. A little bit of Research and Development of my own attitude, and maybe the attitudes of those around me was in order so that maybe I could actually report here on something that I actually did, instead of simply emoting about what I do in retaliation to the things going on around me. As I eluded to in my morning edition of “Mental Notes” {the phone text mass mailing that I send out to everyone on my cell phone every morning} I was going to spend the day saying hello, and giving a big smile to everyone I passed today. I didn’t tell you all that I was going to keep tabs on the whole procedure of the day, that was an idea that came to me right after I sent the text blast out. The plan was also added to as I added a great suggestion that came from TWO different people in response, which was to go as far as to wave and smile to anyone who made eye contact with me while driving home. I actually went as far as to keep a note pas with me all day so that I could keep track of stats. I have separated the stats based on the action purely because the smiling and saying hello, and the waving and smiling had very different results.

I’ll start with the smile hello results because they were mostly bland but interesting at times. The usual (36 out of 49 times) was a simple smile and a hello, or something to that effect back, so that is what I usually expect since I almost always smile at someone who makes eye contact. There were 9 out of the 49 times that an actual conversation started based on a “How are you doing today” which led to more than a simple “Fine” or “Good”, and I decided to make the research and development more advantageous that I would be honest whenever that question was asked to see what became of it. Most of the time I answered with “Well I am a little tired, because the longer days, and the heavier lifting restrictions, but other than that I am feeling better everyday,” making sure that I gave a smile after I said that. Most of the people in this group had follow up questions of varying degrees and the conversations were very friendly. I might have actually made some new friends. The other two of course looked at me like I had 3 heads and probably were afraid that I had smoked crack or something, but the percentage of those was so low that they aren’t worth going into. I would pray for them if my list weren’t so long already.

The driving, smiling, and waving list was a very difficult one at first, as I was genuinely terrified to put myself out on such a goofy limb, but I was determined to do this. The first person I actually did it to was an old lady, who was probably happy to see someone she might have known. She absolutely beamed as I waved and smiled, as she frantically smiled, and waved back at me. The actual good feeling I had carried me on to the next one, which was a much younger guy, whom I thought for sure, would call me a name or something, but ya know what? He smiled back, raised his hand and actually yelled, “How ya doin’ man!” and also looked quite happy that I had waved. Along I went, and of the many dozens of people I made eye contact with and waved and smiled, almost all of them waved, and more over, just beamed from ear to ear. I was shocked, but as I rode along on my way home doing this I just couldn’t wait to pass the next person and do it again. I was getting excited about it, to be more to the point, but the biggest thing I noticed was that I was getting very happy seeing other people getting REALLY HAPPY!

Now don’t get me wrong, I like everyone else in this world (yes everyone else ... the people who say they don't lie!) like to make people happy, and especially if it is effortless. When “My Real Mother from Vegas” IMed me yesterday needing help with her Yahoo, and I was actually able to help her I was probably the happiest little sicko this end of the Mississippi, because I totally owed her for many times that she had saved me from me on this damn computer. Last night when the “Silly Princess Out West” came home from work after having a horrible day just to find out that “My Wildest Dreams … Southern Edition” had totally wiped out 360, and was even more upset in an IM with me because she couldn’t read my blog entry, I was TOTALLY ELATED that after e-mailing my Blog to her, she said it totally made her day. I think I actually believed her too, which was also a plus. And of course through all of the whining I have been doing over the last week about being “forced” into service of others … well don’t believe it for a minute, I love being needed every bit as much as the next person, even during those times that it is less than effortless. :8o)

{If you HAD wished to be included in my morning “Mental Notes” then you would have sent to e-mail your first name and cell phone number (or e-mail address if you don’t have a cell phone) to course that E-Mail no longer exists ... thanks Yahoo you fucking assholes!}